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Bobby Hotrods

The latest news and weird stuff from a rodder who lives on a planet far, far away.

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Help us find some of these lost Clubs. blue hot rod.jpg

*Thanks to Peter Bozzo, Paul Aldrich,and Ed Sarkesian

Cool Cars Square Roll Bars by Arnie and Bernie Shuman


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A discussion board to shed new light on the "Jern Thunderbolt Overhead Valve Conversion for model T, A and B Ford four bangers.  Try it!


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Some people see the glass half-empty.
Some people see the glass half-full.
I say, "It's beer man, just drink it!"
trange Brew Tavern Manchester NH


From H4H4 (HOT FOR HOT FOURS) #3-0 with Permission of Author

Following are some options that will give more power, better fuel mileage and still not hurt bearing life.  I am assuming a couple of things, 1) We are building a Model A engine (as opposed to a B engine)  and 2) that we want it to idle nicely and have good “driveability”.  These are big assumptions as it is kind of like asking how fast is fast?  Keep in mind that if you ask 10 Model A ‘experts’ you will most likely get 12 different answers, most will be good, so you just take it all in and decide for yourself what is best for you.



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