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thegearheadIf you are looking for vintage tires you may want to go directly to the largest source: Cocker Tire. Since your local tire dealer can’t get the discount they want from Cocker, plus they have to pay freight, (which they also want to charge you) some have added to the Cocker retail price and then try to justify this inflated price because they say they are mounting the tires no charge. One large Cape Cod tire company increased the price of a $100 tire to $145. This amounts to a $45 mounting charge. If you live on or near Cape Cod there is a solution to the problem.

There is a way to beat this bad deal. Buy the tires yourself, preferably at a large car show that Cocker attends. That will save you the shipping cost. Next find a local shop that will mount tires that you did not buy from them. Be sure to ask if they charge extra for odd sizes, and if they will mount and spin balance vintage wire wheels. Step back, hold onto your wallet, and listen for the groans.

This scenario came to mind recently, when I had to have new vintage tires mounted and spin balanced on 16 inch wire wheels.  

I found a place that will do all the things I wanted at a reasonable price. It is called Used Tire Warehouse. It is located at 35 County Road West Wareham, MA 02576 (888) 473-9480 or 508-295-4300
They will do a great job for you.

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